Chemicals in My Food

John Coupland is a Professor of Food Science at Penn State. His research program is on the physical properties of foods, in particular fats and oils. He teaches undergraduate Food Chemistry and graduate level Food Chemistry and Food Physical Chemistry. This is about that.

Oct 1

A Scale for Honesty and Integrity

I was recently completing a recommendation form for a former student and was asked to “rate the candidate on a scale of 1 to 10 for his Honesty & Integrity”. What meaningful answer can I hope to give? What level of honesty earns a 8? How much do you have to steal to earn 3? What will they even do with the numbers when they get them? I propose the following scale anchors - 10: Likes big butts; cannot lie. 5: Does their taxes on time; doesn’t cheat on deductions, 1: Has hacked the system and is evaluating themself.

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